Life Insurance Products

If something happens to you during your earning years, your current and future income. While your income may have stopped, bills, payments and debts still have to be paid, which can leave your business partners or family facing severe economic hardship. Life insurance offers a way for your wealth to continue after your death, reducing financial concerns for those left behind.

We understand the unique risks and challenges of running a business. We know that your insurance needs are as unique as you are, and you deserve the personal attention of your insurance adviser.  At Certus Life, we’ll work with you to ensure you are fully protected, with the most appropriate cover for your circumstances.

Personal Insurance: Providing Life Insurance solutions that are as unique as you are.

Business Insurance: Protecting your key people to secure the future of your business.

Group Life Insurance: Giving peace of mind to business owners and employees.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Insurance Reviews & Structural Advice: We can look at your existing insurance policies across your business and personal insurances and ensure that you are adequately protected for your current circumstances.
  • Shareholders & Buy/Sell Agreements: We can offer advice on setting up a buy/Sell agreement, such as identifying who can buy a departing partner or shareholder’s share of the business, the events that may trigger a buyout, and the price that may be paid for a partner or shareholder’s shares.
  • Shareholder & Buy/Sell Agreement Reviews: We are able to offer all clients a Free Review Service with no obligation. We will look at your Shareholder & Buy/Sell Agreements and offer our professional advice.